About Me

Hi friends, and welcome to StepforDish!

I’m a 20-something wife, stepmother, full-time career woman and part-time fashion model, food lover, and enthusiastic home cook. I’m a modern gal, but my friends call me Stepford because my favorite thing to do is cook and my favorite fashion accessory is an apron. In case the name of this blog is confusing to some, allow me to explain the double meaning here: Stepford-ish (emphasis on the “ish”!), and dishing on experiences from my semi-stepford life. Aren’t I so pun-ny?!


Although I don’t have any formal culinary training unless you count following my mom around the kitchen for years (helpful tip I discovered the first time I made cupcakes at age 11- don’t leave eggs out of the batter!) I can turn out some tasty food. I believe in sit-down family dinners every night. You put a warm, hearty, and healthy meal on the table, turn off the TV (unless the Broncos are playing the Colts, in which case you definitely lose that battle with your S.O.) and then, you know, talk to each other about your lives. Call me old fashioned but that’s how I grew up, and it’s important to me to keep that tradition alive in my family.



I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, 2 dog babies, and 2 human (step)babies. I love traveling, bourbon, yoga, trying new new restaurants, downloading books on my iPad that I never finish reading, watching Friends reruns or anything on the Food Network, cooking healthy meals, and eating nutella straight from the jar. It’s all about balance, people.


Thanks for stopping by!