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Bison Bolognese


This past weekend Jerry had to watch Food Inc. for one of his classes, so I bit the bullet and watched with him. After all, I love a good documentary! I’d seen it before, and the second watching made my stomach turn just as much, if not more than the first. It makes me never want to eat meat again. Or any other food for that matter. Period. Clearly that’s not a viable option if I want to continue living; this blog would certainly be a lot more boring if food were eliminated from the equation; and if I want to keep my husband happy, meat better be what’s for dinner most nights. Happy husband, happy life… that’s how it goes right?!

So, what’s a Stepford to do? Continue reading

How is it Sunday already?!

And for that matter how is it the end of October already? Pretty sure that my New Year’s Day hangover just wore off. The other day I came up with the bright idea to host Friendsgiving at our house. I set a date and everything and then about 5 minutes later I realized that it is ONE MONTH away. Huh? Where has this year gone?

And where has the volleyball season gone? I volunteered to coach my stepdaughter’s team at the YMCA. The season was only 6 weeks long but man did that fly by. We had our last game yesterday! Here’s a pic of me and most of my girls:


I can’t even explain how stinkin proud of these little ladies that I am! At times they tried my patience and probably started the process of giving me gray hairs, but it was worth it. Some of them had played club before, and some had never touched a volleyball before, but by the end of the season they had all improved so drastically and were playing with so much confidence. Proud mama bear over here! Continue reading

Traditional Fried Gyoza

Alrighty, I’m back from a business trip and finally got a full night’s sleep under my belt, so I think I’m ready to share that family recipe I promised you!

IMG_0680My family background on my mom’s side is sort of interesting I guess. Her family is British, but she was born and raised in South Africa, and if you talk to her for a few minutes you’ll probably notice that she still has a bit of an accent. I’m so used to it that I don’t really pick up on it at all, unless she is talking to her brother or her cousin or someone else in her family in which case I notice right away. I can immediately tell exactly who she’s talking to because her accent comes out in FULL FORCE. Then you have my dad’s side of the family, and their background is…. “white”? I don’t even know. Is that bad? I’d probably know quite a bit more if I were as interested in history and ancestry and lineage as my husband is, but I just can’t bring myself to spend hours on like he can. Continue reading